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How we work

Basis of Charge: On all our projects, its our policy at the start of any new piece of work, to review the fee arrangement for the particular project and plan the likely levels, and frequency of billing, as well as when we expect to be paid.

Estimates: We generally try to estimate in advance, to the best of our ability, the likely fees for any piece of work and the expenses involved.

Delegation of Work: We will ensure that the work we do is carried out by the people in the firm who have the skill and experience appropriate to the task.

Billing: We in advance define the different levels where the Bills to your company will be issued and we at PROGFLICKS always stay fixed to that.

Comments and Complaints: If you feel there is any way in which we can improve our service to you, please let us know.

Confidentiality: All information in relation to clients is treated in the strictest confidence.

Payment Terms: For projects over $1000 – 50% as advance – 20% when website/application is delivered for final testing. – 30% (remaining) on total completion. For project upto $1000 – 50% as advance and 50% on successful completion.